A Beginner’s Guide to CBD Vapes and Cannabis Edibles

Except for the occasional puff in high school, I have never been an enthusiastic pot smoker. It just wasn’t my thing—and we probably scored inferior stuff back then. But with the legalization of recreational marijuana in Las Vegas last year, all the edibles, vapes, oils, and other alternatives to your basic joint intrigued me. So during my latest trip to Caesars Palace, I took a detour to The Grove—an upscale marijuana dispensary about a five-minute Uber ride away. (NB: I did some serious research before narrowing down my many options. It also helped that a few locals recommended the place.)

En route, I didn’t really know what to expect but let me tell you this: It exceeded my expectations. The staffers were more professional than I had anticipated them to be. It was also pristine—the minimal décor was modern. Security was serious business. This was certainly no sketchy drug den.

The Grove in Las Vegas is one of many upscale marijuana dispensaries in the city.

After having my driver’s license inspected on the way in, I was immediately ushered into what looked like a cross between a doctor’s waiting room and a W hotel. A hi-tech backlit screen that spanned the entire back wall advertised the many products on offer. I was then asked to fill out some basic paperwork and was reminded that The Grove was cash only—like most of the other cannabis establishments in town.

Within a few minutes, I was introduced to a convivial “budtender” who would act as my personal shopper. I let it be known that it had been (many) years since I had last partaken. Then we got down to business. Apparently, a budtender plays many roles: part therapist, part bartender, part pharmacist. He asked a multitude of valid questions. What kind of experience was

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