July 2018

Some skiing enthusiasts may see the legalization of recreational cannabis in Colorado as a golden opportunity for riding high. But as with other states that have gone the legalization route, there are rules. So make sure to get acquainted with them before planning a big ski resort trip with Mary Jane. Cannabis in Colorado The […]

Home of Ben Jerry’s ice cream and known for its maple syrup, Vermont seems like the perfect place to take up pot. On July 1, 2018, the state’s law legalizing recreational marijuana use officially took effect. But before you go out and buy a quart of Cherry Garcia with a joint in your back pocket, […]

There’s much to do and see in America’s capital city. Coincidentally, one of those activities may include smoking some weed. But before you run out to light up a joint at the Washington Monument, there are definitely some things you should know. Cannabis in Washington, D.C. Washington D.C. voters passed the Legalization of Possession of […]

New Englanders hoping to take a trip to Maine to bask in its beauty with some weed in hand might want to postpone the visit until some legalities are sorted out. While recreational marijuana is legal in Vacationland, the law has hit some bumps since it passed. And the state is still in the process […]

Advertisement Good afternoon, Mr. Ngaio. Sorry to bother you, but I watch Cooking on High and you seem extremely knowledgeable when discussing marijuana. I wanted to ask you: How long does marijuana stay in your hair? I have a hair follicle test in two weeks (I live in Tennessee, so this Bible Belt state is […]

Tweet Have you ever walked out of a pot shop with a fresh gram of weed, only to be overcome with disappointment as soon as you open the bag and realize you bought a dud? Accidentally buying shitty weed is an unfortunately common experience in Washington, where there’s thousands of pounds of amazing, world-class legal […]