A Beginner’s Guide to Not Buying Shitty Weed

Dont buy this. I think its rosemary.

Have you ever walked out of a pot shop with a fresh gram of weed, only to be overcome with disappointment as soon as you open the bag and realize you bought a dud?

Accidentally buying shitty weed is an unfortunately common experience in Washington, where there’s thousands of pounds of amazing, world-class legal pot, but also a decent amount of garbage weed mixed in. So, what do you do when you’re presented with a hundred different choices and an unhelpful budtender?

The best tool in your arsenal is your nose: The difference between good and bad weed is often a matter of what aromatic compounds, called terpenes, are present in that piece of cannabis flower, and your olfactory senses are surprisingly good at sniffing out the terpenes you individually like and dislike.

Unfortunately, legalizing weed has put a hermetically sealed barrier between our noses and our weed. Washington state law requires all pot to be sold in sealed packages (if you want a true pot shopping experience go to Oregon where this law doesn’t exist), meaning gone are the days of a dealer opening up a couple jars of pot and letting your nose guide you to your favorite strain.

That’s unfortunate because there’s no single visual clue that can guarantee the pot inside the bag is dank, according to Jackson Holder, a cannabis expert and product buyer for Dockside Cannabis in SoDo.

“It’s definitely a

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