Party on, my son

Good afternoon, Mr. Ngaio. Sorry to bother you, but I watch Cooking on High and you seem extremely knowledgeable when discussing marijuana. I wanted to ask you: How long does marijuana stay in your hair? I have a hair follicle test in two weeks (I live in Tennessee, so this Bible Belt state is definitely not a legalized state). I smoked a lot of weed at the beginning of May. I’m not a regular smoker, and I have only smoked once since May. But I’m very worried. I’m sure you receive a lot of questions and comments on here, but if you have time, please give me your opinion on how likely I am to pass! My stressed/irresponsible ass would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much for your time!

—Val N. Teere

Good afternoon to you as well! You know, we don’t hear much about hair follicle tests around these parts. It’s mostly urine tests. My understanding is that hair tests are more accurate for things like meth or cocaine, and not so much for THC. However, everything I have read says that THC is no longer detectable after 90 days, so you should be all right. And by the way, using cannabis doesn’t make you “irresponsible.” It just makes you someone that uses cannabis. After all, you still have a job. And listen: If Oklahoma can pass a medical marijuana law (And it’s a pretty good law. My favorite part is that it doesn’t let cities and counties opt out of having to allow cannabis dispensaries. Looking at you,

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