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Wax concentrates have become an essential part of cannabis consumption since it was commercialized and was introduced in the general cannabis market within the past decade. Cannabis concentrates are substances of various textures and consistency that range from crumbly granules and brittle waxes to elastic, stretchy, and rubbery goo.   

Cannabis concentrates are the product of extracting the chemical compounds of the actual cannabis plant. Cannabis plants contain over one hundred chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. These chemical compounds give cannabis its psychoactive and curative properties. Two of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis – THC and CBD – are almost ever-present in every cannabis strain. The process that the actual plant matter undergoes makes extracts and concentrates somewhat on the expensive side of cannabis consumption. Concentrates are more expensive than dried leaves, flowers, and even buds – though there’s a sensible reason behind its steep price.  

Turning cannabis into concentrates isn’t exactly rocket science, but the equipment and the complexity of the extraction method along with the perceived efficacy and potency of the final product makes these concentrates worth every penny. Cannabis concentrates are several times more potent than the actual plant matter, so a small dab of these concentrates can go a long way. Concentrates are best not only for highly tolerant casual consumers, they are also one of the most recommended cannabis materials for medicating users who need potent doses of cannabinoids to treat their medical conditions, or for those who need immediate relief from pain and inflammation.  

So, how does one handle and consume such a precious piece of material? How can you get the most out of each and every drop of cannabis extract you buy with your hard-earned money? Chances are

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