East Bay-based ‘microdose’ marijuana edibles to know

Kiva Blueberry Terra Bites are chocolate covered dried blueberries that contain 5mg THC each.

One of the unexpected side effects of the new legal marijuana era is that the most popular products are getting weaker, not stronger. A growing number of cannabis users are realizing they don’t really want to get that high, and a few East Bay edibles brands have become the biggest names for small doses.

Low dose products, or microdoses, are increasingly in demand in the cannabis community in part because of horror stories about pot brownie panic attacks, but also because many people just prefer a more manageable, active and social buzz.

Edibles are an attractive method of microdosing because you don’t have to smoke anything and the potency is reliably precise. Microdose edibles generally pack just 1 to 5 milligrams of THC per bite, whereas a typical store-bought joint could deliver 100 to 150 milligrams of that same psychoactive ingredient, with the THC levels varying greatly, depending on the strain used, its quality and the burn rate of the joint.

Some of the best-known edibles brands are found in Berkeley and Oakland. Here are three that offer microdosed cannabis-infused chocolates and snacks.

Kiva Confections

Some of the most popular edibles at California dispensaries are the luxe, brown paper-wrapped chocolate bars and little round candy tins of Kiva Confections. Its chocolates and mints have won spots on the ‘Best Edibles of the Year’ lists in Thrillist, High Times and Newsweek magazines. Because they’re so well known and widely available in other legal cannabis states across

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