You Can Finish Your First Marathon (And Cannabis Can Help)

Running a marathon isn’t a fun experience, but it is an awesome one. If you’ve witnessed the strange cocktail of torture and triumph that passes over a runner’s face as they cross a finish line, perhaps you’ve found yourself curious about what it feels like to pound out the final steps of your own 26.2 mile vision quest.

The good news is that regardless of how much running experience you have, you can complete your first full marathon less than a year from now. (This is, perhaps, the bad news, too.) Late summer is an ideal time to begin marathon training, as you will set yourself up to complete your most challenging runs in the winter, when you won’t have to contend with stifling heat. Whenever you find yourself reading this, though, the time to start working is, as always, now.

Here’s how to turn your marathon curiosity into a medal on your wall. And don’t worry: you won’t even have to give up cannabis in the process.

Choose a Race, And Actually Register For It

Seriously, do this first. Of course, you can begin training without actually being officially registered, but forking over the hundred or so bucks it costs to willingly torture yourself will naturally lead you to take training more seriously. It will also give you a hard deadline, and leave you much less likely to throw in the towel after your first tough run.

When choosing a race, make sure you read its reviews ahead of time, and opt for one that isn’t hilly or at high altitude.

Cut Back On Smoking

Cannabis is a wonderful tool that many runners use for things like pain management, focus, and motivation. But I’ve found that smoking anything right before a run impacts my endurance and makes me feel thirstier faster.

If smoking is your

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