Six essential facts to know about marijuana edibles before indulging

As more and more cannabis-infused foods enter the legal marijuana market, a new study suggests there is a significant uptick in “unexpected highs” among inexperienced marijuana consumers, especially when it comes to marijuana edibles.

The study from RTI International and published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence finds that some novice marijuana consumers are unable to figure out a satisfactory dose and wind up having a negative experience.

“Marijuana users who reported using new marijuana products or edibles were at greater risk of experiencing an unexpected high, regardless of their age, gender, education, mental health status, or amount of marijuana consumed in the past month,” said Jane Allen, author of the study.

“States that have legalized marijuana for recreational use are thinking about how they can prevent negative public health outcomes,” Allen said. “One way we can help them do that is to study consumer perceptions of marijuana, including product packaging, required warning labels, and consumption advice so states can refine how they communicate marijuana information to the public. Effective communication should help to reduce unexpected highs.”




According to the study, most research subjects merely slept off the uncomfortable sensation. The research highlights an important point as more Americans are exposed the edible cannabis: Eating weed has a totally different effect than smoking it.

Here are some handy tips for the novice:

Do Your Homework

A smart newcomer to cannabis should take the time to study up on edibles. Most states require dosing guidelines limiting one dose to 10 milligrams of THC. There is a reason behind the regulation. For many experienced consumers of edibles, 10 milligrams may not be much at all.

But for the beginner, 5 milligrams may be just what the doctor ordered. If you are buying from a reputable retailer, the edible will be properly packaged with labeling information. Read the label. Know what

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