A Beginner’s Guide to Scaling Cannabis Cultivation

If you’re serious about obtaining a license to cultivate, process and/or distribute cannabis, pay attention to what these five industry experts have to say. Cannabis Business Times asked each to share their insights into what it takes to win a license in an increasingly complex and competitive environment. What follows is a roundup of their best advice, from how to get involved in the community, to competing with the industry Goliaths and more.

Doug Bosswick, General Manager, Next Big Crop; Denver, Colorado

1. Be ready to provide descriptive detail.

“You often have only 30 to 60 days to write a very detailed application. We have developed a ton of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and employee handbooks for cultivation, processing and retail. We take those SOPs and tailor them to the state’s regulations and the client’s facility. If you don’t already have these documents, you don’t have much time to put all this content together. Anyone thinking about applying for a license should be well capitalized, have a good board of advisors and, if necessary, use a consulting company that has all these documents in place and a proven track record for writing winning applications.”

2. Establish relationships with local and state officials.

“Attend major meetings on the state level and local level. It’s very important to get your name and face out there to make the right connections. In these meetings, you’ll hear what the state is looking for. For example, in New Jersey, the state is concerned about patient access to affordable medicine. If you don’t attend those meetings, you won’t be able to tailor your application to align with that.”

Omar Figueroa, Attorney, Law Offices of Omar Figueroa; Sebastopol, California

3. Know the area’s cannabis voting record.

“Notice how the public voted on legislation and any local ordinances

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