How not to ‘green out’ on the first day of legal weed: A beginner’s guide to pot

KITCHENER – Canada will make history when recreational pot is legalized on October 17, and that means many Canadians may be tempted to try marijuana for the first time – or for the first time in a long time. 

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Tony Millar is a co-founder of Alternative Cannabis Consumption Awareness.

He has a rundown of everything you need to know – from the different ways you can ingest marijuana, to the things you need to steer clear of to avoid a ‘bad trip’. 

Marijuana can be consumed in a few ways, and you probably won’t be surprised by which method is the most popular. 

“Smoking is definitely the most popular in 2018,” says Millar. “But it is actually one of the most dangerous or harmful. Smoking can exceed temperatures of a 1000 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re combusting with plant material – and that actually ends up doing some damage to your lungs.”

Millar says there are two other main methods; edibles and vaporizing. 

“Edibles are a lot healthier and are becoming more and more popular. How that works is you get a butter or oil that you will use to cook a brownie or a cookie – and then you infuse cannabis with that butter. So you heat it up, extract the cannabis into the butter, mix it into one big batch – and then use it to bake brownies or a cake. Once it’s ready – you consume it, wait half an hour to an hour, and start feeling the effects right away.”

Millar says the third way to consume marijuana – vaporizing – is becoming more and more popular as well.

“Vaporizing is typically a lot healthier, a lot smoother, and a lot easier on your lungs. Vaporizers heat up either herb or extract – and it’s at a lower temperature so it reduces combustion

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