5 Essential Accessories For Smoking Cannabis In Style

You don’t dress like you’re still in college–you don’t have to smoke smoke like it either.High Society Collection

Although smoking weed has traditionally existed as a sort of back-alley pastime, the ritual has since come into the light. The plant shakes off the stigmas of yore with every state embracing legalization; with every naysayer trying a low dose, well-concocted edible and experiencing genuine relief. As consumers feel more comfortable being honest and open about a greener habit, it’s only right to honor that pride by adapting your consumption methods to your modern lifestyle.

It’s 2018–if you still smoke weed, you owe your habit an elevated set of accoutrement. Here is a starter kit for smoking cannabis in an era of aesthetic expression.

Chic on a shelf and in your hand.Stonedware

Stonedware Ceramic Pipe

Updating your tools doesn’t require one of those intimidating, multi-appendaged dab rigs. If pipes are your cup of tea, don’t try to fix what isn’t broke. Just opt for a modernized pipe, like these 22k gold Stonedware GeoPipes in all their understated elegance. The blockish shape feels extremely at home in your hand, the angled edges fitting comfortably into the palm so it won’t slip as you get distracted by good conversation. Keep it tidy after lighting up, and this doubles as tasteful accent to a shelf of pretty things.

A statement jewelry piece that will stay in vogue whether or not you’re using it for its other purpose.Anna Korte

Soothsayer Pendant

A long, minimal chain holding a statement pendant will always be in style–whether layered with other chains and beaded necklaces, or shining on its own with a low-cut top. Jewelry maker and dangly-thing artisan Anna Korte is making these versatile jewelry pieces accomplish a few more

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