Weed Yoga—What Do Yoga Teachers Think?

Heightened senses, enhanced self-awareness, a feeling of lightness… wait, are we talking about a post-yoga savasana or getting stoned? On the surface, pot and yoga seem like a pretty natural fit (and it’s not like this is the first time people have mixed weed and working out). But do yoga teachers actually recommend toking up while you downward dog?

Of course, some yogis think it’s a bad idea.

Concern numero uno is safety: Mary Jane alters the receptors in your brain and body that regulate pain, emotions, and memory (… and appetite). So yes, hurling yourself into a handstand while your motor skills aren’t on their A-game is probably a bad idea. Similarly, if you battle panic attacks and anxiety, marijuana can magnify those feelings—so sitting cross-legged and alone with your thoughts could end up doing more harm than good.

Kino MacGregor, an Ashtanga yoga teacher, says she fully supports marijuana legalization for medical and recreational uses, but she also acknowledges potential downsides. “So many people come to yoga to heal addictive behaviors that I find it challenging to recommend yoga that combines drug use with practice,” she says. “Anyone can use the substance as an escape from facing difficult emotions and thoughts.” MacGregor believes it’s counterproductive to the spiritual endeavor of yoga, which asks us to look deeply at ourselves to gain freedom from old patterns. “Sometimes drugs mask reality and give you just enough good vibes to coast through life without facing your stuff.”

Ayurvedic health counselor Emily Ruth agrees. “In general, the use of cannabis recreationally is counterproductive to a sattvic—or harmonious—state of balance within the body, mind, and spirit,” she says. Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, is super connected to yoga (it’s often called yoga’s sister science), and Ayurvedic thought promotes

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