Cannabis rules: what to expect in P.E.I.

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. –   Here’s what you need to know about consuming marijuana products in Prince Edward Island as of Oct. 17. 

Much like alcohol, if you want to consume, you’ll have to wait until you’re of age to do so.

The legal age to use, buy, grow, or possess cannabis in P.E.I. is 19. The federal government set the legal limit at 18 years old, but the province, following public consultation and advice from legal experts and public health advocates, found that 19 was appropriate.

Young people under 19 are not allowed to use or possess cannabis in P.E.I. Provincial legislation will allow police to confiscate and destroy cannabis products possessed by young people. The province says their focus will be on prevention, diversion and harm reduction, while attempting to minimize the involvement of the justice system where possible.

While the federal government made the decision to legalize the substance, it falls on provinces and municipalities to enforce many of the laws surrounding it.

In P.E.I., recreational cannabis use will be restricted to private residences, with some exceptions made for designated spaces. The government says this decision aims to protect the public from second-hand cannabis smoke.

Private residences include: a house, apartment, trailer, tent, guest room or hotel room. However, property and condo owners have the authority to restrict cannabis use on their rental or tourism properties.

Provincial legislation is expected to be updated to prohibit the smoking of recreational and medical cannabis in public places where tobacco smoking and electronic smoking devices (e.g. vaping) are already not permitted.

Consumption of cannabis is also prohibited in any vehicle, including cars, boats and off-off-road vehicles.

A law enforcement officer or inspector may exercise discretion in giving warnings with someone caught consuming cannabis in public. The general penalty for violating the provincial legislation is a fine of $200 to

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