How Aces Extracts Customizes Cannabis Oil

This article is sponsored by Aces Extracts. Enhance every experience with Aces Extracts’ custom cannabis strains.

As cannabis products move increasingly into the mainstream, more consumers are getting an introduction—or, often, a re-introduction—to THC. And many new adopters are looking for a way to work cannabis into their routine without having it take over their whole day, evening, or weekend.

And that’s understandable! After all, your morning’s not about a cup of coffee. Your evening’s not about a glass of wine. And your weekend hike certainly isn’t about an energy bar. These supplements just make the main events a little more enjoyable and let the rest of your day roll on smoothly. Whether you’re summiting a mountain, savoring a meal, or just staying alert and engaged through a pre-lunch conference call, a little enhancement can make all the difference.

Whatever your day has in store, there’s an Aces vape pen for it. (Courtesy of Aces Extracts)

Aces Extracts designed its new lineup of cannabis oils and vape pens with exactly that sort of enhancement in mind. Blended with terpenes for tailored effects and true-to-flower taste, Aces Extracts are meant to be the perfect partner for whatever your day has in store.

Cannabis, Customized

The team at Aces has crafted a quartet of strain-specific cannabis distillates, carefully combining active cannabis compounds like THC, CBD, and terpenes to target specific sensations in the body and mind. The result is a potent oil designed to provide a buzz that enhances your day without sending you spinning.

Each strain is named based on the sensation it intends to invoke, and the complete cannabinoid profile is clearly labelled on each box. We reached out to some of the Aces team’s “friends and family” testers about how

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