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Everyone seems to be talking about CBD these days. Both on Google and Leafly, search interest for CBD has been skyrocketing. According to Google Trends, interest in CBD as a search term is now four times higher than it is for THC. Much of this is probably driven by all the buzz around CBD’s potential health benefits, including recent news of the FDA’s approval of Epidiolex, the CBD-based pharmaceutical drug for treating childhood epilepsy.

Whether or not you should believe the CBD hype is another story that’s been covered elsewhere. In this article, we will dive into data from Google Trends, cannabis testing labs, and Leafly data from consumers and cannabis stores. What kind of CBD products are common in the marketplace and what kinds of CBD products and strains are consumers looking for?


How Common Are Cannabis Products Containing CBD?

To help us think about how common CBD-containing products are in the legal cannabis industry, recall that cannabis products can be grouped into three major categories based on their relative THC and CBD content:

  • THC-dominant products contain mostly THC. These products are most suitable for experienced cannabis consumers
  • CBD-dominant products are the opposite. They contain mostly CBD and are most suitable to consumers looking to avoid getting high altogether.
  • Balanced THC/CBD products fall somewhere in a middle, with intermediate levels of both THC and CBD. They are most suitable to less experienced consumers or those highly sensitive to THC.

Despite the explosive growth in consumer search interest in CBD, the charts below show that THC-dominant products still make up the bulk of the legal cannabis marketplace.

How Common Are CBD Products in Testing

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