Horse community rallies to find stolen animal in Nova Scotia

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I’m Suzanne Rent, a freelance writer in Halifax. I’m filling in for Tim this morning. You can follow me on Twitter @Suzanne_Rent


1. Derogatory comments ignited brawl, St. FX says

Global News reports a brawl between hockey teams from Acadia University and St. FX on Saturday night started after a derogatory comment about a survivor of sexual assault was aimed at one team member.

Officials from St. FX say team member Sam Studnicka was the target of the comment. In the statement, Studnicka says he’s been the target of similar comments for the past three years.

There is no place for such comments within our society. Sexual assault is a very serious issue and there is simply no place for shaming sexual assault survivors, ever.

There’s no mention of how Studnicka and the survivor are connected.

Several members from each team and both head coaches were ejected after the incident.

Phil Currie, executive director of the AUS, says while “chirping” is common between teams, the organization is still investigating the comments.

Based on what I understand, if this is the case, this is well over the line of what one would call chirping.

Kevin Dickie, the executive director of varsity athletics at Acadia University, says the information they found in their own investigation is “not consistent” with the allegations in the statement from St. FX.

2. Call centre firm gets backdated payroll rebate


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