The Leafly Starter Pack: A Comprehensive Guide to Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis is now legal (in various forms) in 39 states. Whether you’ve already received your medical card or if you are considering doing so, this comprehensive guide will tell you all you need to know about purchasing and consuming medical cannabis safely. Check out our stories and videos below, find a doctor on Leafly, check on the regulations in your state with Leafly’s State of the Leaf, or talk to us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to find out more.


Table of Contents

Take the First Steps

  • Qualifying conditions for medical cannabis by state
  • How to find a doctor or clinic that specializes in medical marijuana authorizations
  • How to be a responsible medical cannabis patient
  • Welcome to cannabis: 5 basic questions answered
  • Which U.S. states accept out-of-state medical cannabis authorization?

Find the Right Treatment for You

  • Sativa, indica and hybrid: What’s the difference?
  • What are high CBD cannabis strains?
  • High CBD products for medical cannabis patients
  • Go smoke-free: 6 alternate ways to consume cannabis
  • Everything you’ve wanted to know about edibles

Understand the Science Behind Medical Cannabis

  • The anatomy of a cannabis plant
  • What makes a cannabis strain unique?
  • What’s a cannabinoid and why does it matter?
  • Why daily cannabis use is not associated with brain changes
  • Are time-released cannabis pills the future of medical marijuana?
  • Medical marijuana works: a California case study

Discover How Cannabis Can Help with Specific Illnesses

  • Cannabis and arthritic joints
  • Cannabis and ADHD
  • Cannabis and PTSD
  • Cannabis and bladder cancer
  • Cannabis and childhood seizure disorders
  • Cannabis and HIV/AIDS
  • Cannabis and spinal cord injury
  • The best cannabis strains for treating pain
  • The best cannabis strains for anxiety
  • Cannabis strains that are high in CBD
  • Cannabis strains that help induce hunger
  • Cannabis strains to combat Crohn’s disease and colitis


Take the First Steps


Qualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis by State

map of the United States made out of license plates

Although cannabis remains illegal on the

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