Canada’s First Legal Rec Seeds Now For Sale in Ontario

Cannabis became legal in Canada on Oct. 17, 2018, and adults across the country now have the ability to purchase dried cannabis and cannabis oil.

Legally speaking, too, Canadian adults are also permitted to purchase seeds and clones to grow up to four plants in their residence (with the exception of Quebec and Manitoba, which outlawed the practice).

The only problem for those that wanted to get started growing? Legal seeds and clones were nowhere to be found at regulated cannabis retail outlets across the country—not in one province. In the rush to get dried cannabis and cannabis oil to market, which ostensibly provided greater revenue potential, cannabis producers eschewed producing and selling seeds for the recreational grow-your-own crowd.

Seeds of Potential

Until now, lawful medical cannabis consumers, able to obtain seeds and clones directly from a number of producers, could potentially gift them to friends they think highly of. But not everyone has a pal that legally grows medical cannabis.

It’s led to a situation where Canadians have to hope and pray that their legally purchased dried cannabis inadvertently contained seeds–or risk legal consequences for growing ‘illicit’ cannabis. Some pot-smoking Redditors even came together to crowdsource a list of legal dried cannabis products that they had found contained seeds.

In December, Leafly reported that the Province of Newfoundland became the first lawful non-medical seller of cannabis clones, selling six different strains via the CannabisNL website at $39.99 a pop.

Now, with the sale of the two four-packs of seeds from Tweed, the Ontario’s government OCS web portal has become just the second recreational outlet to sell starting material, and the first to sell seeds.

For those that are gung-ho to get started growing, know that

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