Book Review: ‘A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis’

When it comes to spending money, the common wisdom goes that women take the cake across the board. That’s why so many companies spend time marketing to this lucrative demographic with special items, hashtags, slogans and promises.

So it’s only natural that the cannabis industry has its fair share of women-centric offerings, from edibles and tinctures to cosmetics to books and movies. But are women truly different creatures when it comes to the basics on cannabis? It’s hard to say — even after reading “A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis: Using Marijuana to Feel Better, Look Better, Sleep Better — and Get High Like a Lady.”

Overall, “A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis” is a cohesive guide full of basic information that could be useful to anyone. However, author Nikki Furrer intentionally offers a very targeted perspective to women from a woman on some particular parts of consuming and utilizing cannabis. To be clear, men are welcome to read and learn from this book as well — but it seems like it would probably be of little interest to them, outside of the general information, because of the clear gaze meant specifically for women.

Womens Guide to Cannabis Book Cannabis Now

Furrer says she wanted to help someone like her mother, for example, navigate her first trip to a dispensary or consuming cannabis. This personal desire creates the foundation for the book, which focuses on the stories and narratives of women who have utilized cannabis to manage symptoms or generally improve the quality of their lives.

The six-part book does a good job at covering a wide range of topics and includes recipes for

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