OPINION: Everything you need to know about cannabis dispensary menus

At the request of a fellow patient, I have attempted here to break down the expanding sea of products found on dispensary menus. A foreign language to the beginner, the market is quite vast (and expanding), leaving new patients staring into a dizzying array of capital letters and percentages.

For the most part, cannabis retailers break up their menu into the same categories: flower, concentrates and edibles/infusions.

Flower refers to dried cannabis. Concentrate is an umbrella term for the many forms of extracted cannabis oil such as shatter or distillate. An edible or infusion simply refers to a normal wellness product now containing a cannabinoid, such as candies or topicals.

If you’re seeking cannabis as a wellness product, you can immediately reduce the menu clutter by removing products such as vape pens, shatter, wax, live resin and distillate. They have little therapeutic effect but a rather very potent high.

Many of the numbers listed on the label aren’t necessarily applicable to you, and are most likely there for marketing purposes. Several of the cannabinoids listed on all labels rarely deviate. So, as a beginner, you will mainly be looking at the THC and CBD levels.

When choosing a flower strain, you will be faced with a mountain of varieties, many of which don names providing no indication of its effects. Flower will be broken down into three types: sativa, indica or hybrid. The menagerie of funny, clever and dumb strain names is enough to have one spinning, never mind the data spreadsheet adhered to the packaging.

Disregard all the different names like Sour Diesel, Grand Daddy Purple and White Widow, because, for all the wild names, there are only two categories for you to keep in mind — indica or sativa. Sativa strains generally provide a stimulating effect, while the indica strains are

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