Not Your Father’s Cannabis

Models wearing wedding dresses designed by High Vibe Bride, Simply Bridal and Davids Bridal get ready smoke marijuana during the Cannabis Wedding Expo in Los Angeles on Saturday, Jan. 26, 2019. (photo credit: AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

Women are an increasingly important segment of cannabis users. Here’s how companies are marketing to them.

Next month, hundreds of prospective brides will waltz into Denver for the fourth annual Cannabis Wedding Expo, featuring anything and everything wedding-related with a cannabis twist, including cannabis-decorated wedding dresses, fresh “flower” arrangements and cannabis-infused cakes, canapes and cocktails.

It’s not surprising that weddings are a “thing” in the cannabis industry these days. First, women drive 70% to 80% of all consumer purchasing, and the influence they wield with their family members means their reach is wide. But even more important, women now account for 38% of the cannabis market, nearly doubling their participation over the last year. They are projected to reach parity with men within three years. The cannabis industry is working hard to develop products that will attract these new consumers. But there’s some adjustment required.

That’s because women say they want different things from their cannabis use than men. While 71% of men who use cannabis say they do so for “at-home entertainment,” women are much more interested in cannabis products that offer them relief from things like pain, sleep loss and hormonal swings. Cannabis is used to combat PMS by almost 40% of female cannabis consumers. Nearly 70% of them say they look to cannabis for personal care as well.

That’s led to a smorgasbord of new cannabis-infused products, from

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