Heighten your Valentine’s Day with these ten cannabis tools

    Contributed by Unity Marguerite Whittaker

    Unity Marguerite Whittaker

    This is the first Valentine’s Day where cannabis is federally legal in Canada, so let’s infuse the day of romance with cannabinoids to heighten our sexual and romantic relationships. Scientific studies are quantifying what cannabis consumers already know: weed enhances sex. According to a study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which explored the association between marijuana use and sexual frequency in the United States, cannabis consumers spend more time between the sheets than non-users and the plant does not appear to impair sexual function.

    According to the data, it’s high time to explore introducing cannabis into your relationships. This year, if you’d like gift your lover an elevated experience, here are ten tools to enhance their consumption.

    Wrench key ring and roach clip

    Puff Pipes Smoke Shop

    Most men love their tools, which is why this key ring roach holder ($9.95) is perfect for that special guy in your life who loves to toke-on-the-go. Having a roach clip conveniently available on your key ring will deliver best results when looking to hold that roach with while keeping your hands scent-free. And they won’t lose it! Who leaves home without their keys?

    Available at Puff Pipes Smoke Shop (1109 Granville Street) and online.

    Cup of Joy: scented massage oil candle in cranberry and champagne

    Get into the love-making mood by massaging your partner with CBD-infused coconut, grape seed, and essential oils. This year, gift the Cup

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