Super Silver Haze: Why Colorado Tokers Love This Strain

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I’ve never been a huge fan of the flavor of most Haze strains. They’re usually too spicy and herbal, but citrus-heavy cuts of Amnesia Haze, Ghost Train Haze and Super Lemon Haze (offspring of Super Silver Haze) have all proved my prejudice wrong in the past. While early experiences with Super Silver Haze helped create that prejudice, that was a version I’d found on the black market.

Retail versions of Super Silver Haze have shown it to be a sweeter, danker-tasting strain than I’d thought, with a productive, happy high once I figured out its respectable potency and tendency to turn my mouth into Death Valley. I’ve seen it at Drift, Emerald Fields, the Health Center, High West Cannabis, the Joint, Nature’s Herbs and Wellness and Universal Herbs so far, but there are likely more stores carrying it.

Looks: Super Silver Haze’s buds always remind me of Wisconsin, Michigan or some other mitten-shaped Midwestern state. Sparkling, milky trichomes heavily dot lime-green calyxes, giving more credibility to the words “Super Silver.” Those oddly shaped buds can also mean intrusive leaves, though, so it’s not the easiest to trim.

Smell: While it does carry some spicy floral notes at the end, Super Silver Haze is largely full of clear, pungent whiffs of lemons, wet soil and gasoline, with a skunky layer hanging over it all. That definitive type of smell opens up your eyes and helped start that whole sativa-means-energy thing.

Flavor: Grainier, earthier and spicier than the smell suggests, but still very sweet and thick on the Diesel-like flavors of sour rubber, with a slight citrus aftertaste.

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