Colorado’s Best Cannabis Products & Experiences of 2018

Our Best in State series spotlights the top cannabis dispensaries, companies, products, and activities in the largest cannabis markets in 2018.

The Colorado cannabis industry is growing up. Some Mom Pops are fading away, while others are automating and expanding to keep up with the changing market. Well-established Colorado companies are beginning to license their products in other states. Colorado has truly become the test-bed for America’s cannabis industry.

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What was once a Denver-centric industry has spread to include just about every nook and cranny in Colorado. More than half of last year’s Colorado Best in State were located in Denver. This year, most are located outside of Denver. No matter what region they’re in, Colorado cannabis companies are some of the best in the world. Here are some who’ve made us proud this year.

Best Overall Dispensary: Kind Love

Best marijuana dispensary in Colorado: Kind Love
(Courtesy of Kind Love)

Glendale, CO

Kind Love uses sustainable practices to cultivate a highly curated list of strains in their medical and recreational dispensary. Their goal is to provide the consumer with a selection of only the best strains possible. This exemplifies the Kind Love experience. As General Manager Max Pelli says, “We pride ourselves on cutting through the hype and providing high quality information about our products in a way that is meaningful to the customer. We’re willing to go down that road as far as they are.”  To this end, they hire only the most knowledgeable budtenders in the business. Combine this with excellent house-produced KAMA concentrates and highly-coveted clones, and you have a recipe for success.

Best Boutique Dispensary: Organic Alternatives

Fort Collins, CO

If you don’t live in Fort Collins,

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