By the Numbers: A Year of Cannabis in 2018

There were so many big stories, it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all. So let’s make it simple and sort out the year in cannabis by the numbers. Think of it as a quick and easy way to put 2018 in perspective.

Cannabis by the Numbers: A Complete Index of 2018

  • Overall value of the marijuana industry in 2018: $10.4 billion
  • Estimated number of people employed by the marijuana industry: 250,000
  • Number of additional states that legalized recreational marijuana in 2018: 2 (Vermont by state legislature and Michigan by ballot measure, bringing the total to 10 plus the District of Columbia)
  • Total number of states that have now legalized medical marijuana (after the addition of Oklahoma, Missouri, and Utah in 2018): 33
  • Number of U.S. senators who voted for the farm bill legalizing industrial hemp: 87
  • Number who voted against it: 13
  • Total number of countries who have now legalized marijuana on a national level: 2 (Canada and Uruguay)
  • Number of transactions on the first day of legal cannabis sales in Quebec: 42,000 (leading to a temporary product shortage)
  • Money raised by Canadian company Tilray on Nasdaq as the first cannabis-related business to have an initial public offering on a major stock exchange: $153 million
  • Days it took President Trump to fire Attorney General (and notorious marijuana opponent) Jeff Sessions after the November election: 1