Getting Crafty & Making Art With Cannabis Leaves

It’s the time of year when colorful leaves take center stage. Bright, vibrant foliage dances on the wind, and Autumn leaves are a poignant facet of the season. But they’re not the only leaves with a notable role this time of year. With harvest season beginning, the cannabis leaf is in its glory.

Get creative with cannabis. Find your favorite strain nearby.

After cannabis flowers are harvested, left behind are beautiful leaves, and just like the striking red and orange leaves of oak, cannabis leaves are perfect for getting creative and crafty.

Below, discover three fun ways to turn cannabis leaves into practical and decorative art.

Cannabis Leaf Clay Bowl

This beautiful air-dry clay craft is easy, fun, and customizable, making it a fantastic way to preserve the natural beauty of cannabis leaves.

What you need:

  • Air-dry clay
  • Floss
  • Large, fresh (i.e. malleable) cannabis leaves
  • Rolling pin
  • Wet sponge
  • Sharp knife
  • Acrylic paint
  • Sealer

Step I: Prepare the Clay

Remove a large section of clay from the block using the dental floss to slice through it. Work the clay to remove any air pockets and then use the rolling pin to roll out a flat patty that’s about ½ inch thick.

Use the wet sponge to keep the clay from drying out as you work with it. Place the cannabis leaf on top of the clay, then use the rolling pin to press the leaf into the clay and imprint the leaf’s details. Make sure to use a large leaf so that the bottom portion can serve as the bowl, while the tops of the leaf will be more decorative.

Step II: Form the Bowl

Gently pry the leaf off the clay, then use the knife to cut the excess clay away from the imprint. Next, take the clay with the imprint and use your hands to gently cup the clay and shape it.

Work the tops of

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