Canada How to Grow Cannabis Indoors: A Beginner’s Guide for Canadians Leafly Staff

Now that the Canadian Cannabis Act has come into effect, adult-use recreational cannabis is legal across the country. Along with the commercial retail options which vary by province comes the option to grow your own!

The Cannabis Act explicitly permits the cultivation of up to four cannabis plants per household–offer void in Quebec, Manitoba, and Nunavut, which have banned home cannabis growing at the provincial level.

Just keep in mind that the four-plant rule also includes seedlings. So sprouting four seeds while you have four plants close to maturity amounts to eight plants—double what is allowed.

For Canadians in provinces eligible to home grow, our guide to indoor cannabis growing will help simplify the process for you into clear, easy-to-digest sections designed to help the first-time grower get started.

Step 1: The Set Up

The first step in setting up your personal cannabis grow is creating a suitable space in which to do it. This space doesn’t need to be the typical grow “room; it can be in a closet, tent, cabinet, spare room, or a corner in an unfinished basement. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to tailor your equipment (and plants) to fit the space.

When designing your space, you’ll need to take into account not only the amount of room your plants will need, but also your lights, ducting, fans, and other equipment, as well as leaving enough room for you to work. Cannabis plants can double, even triple in size in the early stage of flowering, so make sure you have adequate head space!

If your grow room is a cabinet, tent, or closet, you can simply open it up and remove the plants to work on them; otherwise, you’ll need to make sure you leave yourself some elbow room.

Cleanliness Is Crucial

Make sure your space is easily sanitized; cleanliness is

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