Introducing The Coast Cannabis Sessions | Weed Talk | Halifax, Nova Scotia

The first Cannabis Sessions won't have pot samples, but there will be a great swag bag.

  • The first Cannabis Sessions won’t have pot samples, but there will be a great swag bag.

The Coast always likes raising awareness around things people consume for fun, whether that’s in print—the annual Beer Guide comes out this week—or IRL with events like Burger Week, Halifax Oyster Festival and the Drink Atlantic cocktail festival. And now that recreational weed is officially on the menu, we are continuing our tradition of enjoyable education by starting an event called The Coast Cannabis Sessions.

Saturday, April 6 will be a full day of discussions for curious, beginner and dedicated consumers alike. The event, downtown in the former Attica Furnishings space, will feature conversations on education, application and the demystification of weed.

Ever wonder about growing pot at home? Want to learn more about the science behind the plant? And what’s craft cannabis all about, anyway? The Cannabis Sessions can answer your questions.

With the legalization of cannabis has come a lot of confusion. For many Canadians, this new wave of weed brings a huge learning curve, yet public information still seems bureaucratic and inadequate. Cannabis Sessions is aiming

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