Fore Twenty Sports’ CannaBowl Brings Cannabis and Bowling Together

Okay, so it’s not the Rick Sanchez, but it is a guy enthusiastically dressed as one, who prepared for the nights’ “Best Dressed” contest. He’s one of the many folks hanging out at this year’s CannaBowl, a cannabis friendly bowling event put on by The Daily Leaf Fore Twenty Sports, sponsored by The Sweet Life Distribution alongside others like MagicalButter, True Terpenes, and Confident Cannabis—a software company bringing transparency to legal cannabis

The idea was pretty simple: get a bunch of awesome cannabis businesses together and put them under one roof for a bowling tournament and voila: CannaBowl was born.

“The Oregon market needs some fun and relief,” said Brad Bogus, VP of Growth Marketing at Confident Cannabis. “It was great to be able to don some fun bowling outfits, let our guards down, and just enjoy each other’s company.”

Strikes and Cannabis

If you strolled through the halls of KingPins during Cannabowl, you’d have seen a sea of booths with friendly vendors. From dispensaries like Deanz Greenz to testing labs like Cascadia Labs, just about every type of cannabis business was represented in some way. Some booths encouraged you to spin a wheel for a free prize, while others proudly showed off masterfully crafted product displays. The Caputo Group stole the show with their CBD cannolis, re-enforcing once and for all that the way to a cannabis lover’s heart is through their stomach.

Check Out Deanz Greenz’ Menu

I noticed the DJ spinning in the bar area (okay, I spotted cupcakes) and find my way to the Dank Brothers’ booth. Two ladies enthusiastically greeted me, and as I said “hi,” I couldn’t help but notice the relatively

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