Surna Inc (OTCMKTS:SRNA) Stock Price Finally Bounces

Surna Inc. is a company that designs, engineers, and creates application-specific environmental control and air sanitation systems for cannabis cultivation. The company operates in the US and Canada, with its engineering team providing energy and water-efficient solutions. With Surna’s help, cannabis growers can meet the demands that successful cannabis cultivation requires, including proper temperature, light, humidity, and more.

The company prides itself for its long years of experience, and it doesn’t shy away from admitting failures that have helped it grow and develop into its most successful version. In fact, it claims it has become the industry’s expert, and it has multiple satisfied clients to prove it.

However, in terms of its stock price, Surna had suffered quite a lot in 2018.

SRNA stock price on the decline

SRNA price has experienced massive growth in late 2017, after a long period of relative stability. The growth started around October 2017, and it continued until mid-January 2018, with its price growing further and further up. When it started its bull run in October 2017, the company’s stock price was at around $0.100. Quite a humble start, but as the company says, many of history’s greatest success stories started humbly, including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and even Disney.

By January 2018, the company’s stock price grew over four times, reaching the value of $0.450. However, the rest of 2018 was not nearly as kind to the SRNA price, with

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