How to Scrog Your Cannabis to Maximize Yields

Even if you haven’t grown cannabis, you’ve likely seen pictures of cannabis crops, both indoor and outdoor, with bug buds growing up through a nylon screen. This screen is called a scrog, short for “screen of green.”

Scrogging will improve the quality of your cannabis plants and increase yields. There’s an art to putting a set of plants together and stretching out their limbs so they don’t grow on top of each other or shade each other out, but we’ll demystify the process.

Keep in mind that each plant is different and there’s no specific measurement for how close or far apart each plant or branch should be. Scrogging involves reading a plant to see what it needs and usually involves some fine-tuning. But with a little time and patience, your plants will be healthy and lush.

Why Scrog Your Cannabis?

Put on during the flowering stage or right before it, a scrog has a few main functions:

  • It stretches out branches to expose more nodes to direct light, thereby increasing your yield.
  • Stretching branches out increases the airflow through a plant, helping to prevent bud rot.
  • A scrog adds support to branches so they won’t flop over or break as buds get bigger.

All of the branches above the screen will fill out with thick buds and most of the foliage below the screen will get shaded out. You want to prune these bottom branches and dead leaves because they either won’t produce buds or will produce subpar buds. You’ll get the most out of your plant if you can redirect resources from those branches to the quality buds above the screen.

Setting Up

To start, pick a set of plants, ideally of the same height and size. It’s hard to scrog plants of different sizes because the screen

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