A Beginner’s Guide to SPLIFF—the Mercury’s New Film Festival, Made by the Stoned for the Stoned!


The stoner film has come a long way. Nothing against Cheech Chong—Tommy Chong played an excellent (and sexy!) singing pineapple on this season of The Masked Singer—but we’ve moved away from the stoner trope of two dudes smoking weed while driving around in their car. (Which you shouldn’t do! It’s dangerous! You’ll get a DUI, dum-dums!)

A new vibe of stoner entertainment is emerging—witness the rise of Broad City, High Maintenance, and basically every TV show created on Viceland. And now, most importantly, the Portland Mercury and Oregon’s Finest present SPLIFF, your new favorite film festival created by the stoned for the stoned.

We received films (four minutes and 20 seconds or less!) from all around the world. Our inaugural lineup is hilarious, weird, sexy, trippy, and unlike any stoner films you’ve seen before. There are spaceships, Rihanna-inspired blunt tutorials, dancing boobs, Australians, puppets, ASMR candy sandwiches… I could go on and on, but I know you’ve got questions, so let’s get to it.

Should I show up stoned?
Absolutely, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into. Unfortunately, because of LAWS, you can’t smoke inside the theater, and you’re not supposed to smoke outside of it, either.

Are the films going to freak me out? What if I get too stoned?
There are definitely some trippy films, even some scary films,

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