The Beginners Guide to Vaping Cannabis


Since their arrival, vaporizers have become something of a cultural phenomenon within the industry. It’s simple: vaping is a healthier, tastier and more efficient method of consuming dry herb products or other e-liquids. Despite the benefits that come with vaping cannabis, many people still continue to smoke. One of the reasons behind this is people’s misconceptions on how easy it actually is to consume cannabis through vaporization. In this article, we will run you through the process and tell you what you need to know about vaping before you get started.

What is Vaping?

In technical terms, vaping is the heating of any chemical or solid into a fine vapor. This eradicates the need for any combustion – which, as we know is quite bad for us – making it a healthier method of consumption. One of the differences between smoking (combustion) and vaping is that vapor is released at lower temperatures. This is hugely significant as the majority of the beneficial chemicals found in cannabis are released at these lower temperatures.

Each essential oil found in cannabis has its own unique temperature point at which it begins forming a vapor. These essential oils change from the original form of oil or liquid to a gas product. Unlike smoking, when vaporizing the carbon, it does not burn as its temperature is too low. This allows you to enjoy all of the positive effects of your dry herb without having to worry about the harmful toxins and carcinogens released by combustion methods that commonly occur when smoking.

Products such as cigarettes contain a long list of additives and when burned, they release and produce harmful carcinogenic properties. When these properties are inhaled, they can lead to inflammation

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