A Cannabis Connoisseur’s Guide to Amsterdam Coffeeshops

After a vacation through the south of Spain, I found myself in Amsterdam with a few days to kill before going home. With nothing but time and a strong affinity for cannabis, what better place for a pot connoisseur like myself to end up?

A trip to Amsterdam is a fundamental experience for anyone who loves cannabis. Before safe, legal access to cannabis became a reality in North America, the Netherlands was the destination for travelers looking to comfortably enjoy it in a culture that embraces it.

While the global cannabis landscape is quickly evolving and it’s becoming more accessible than ever, an adventure through the coffeeshops of Amsterdam is still a rite of passage that can teach so much about the history and culture of modern cannabis. Additionally, Amsterdam is a fantastic city full of art, history, entertainment, and much more.

Before we go any further, let me clarify that while I do have high standards when it comes to cannabis, I don’t think that my tastes are superior to anyone else’s. The tastes I have developed come from years of experience buying and consuming cannabis and are mostly centered around the overall flavor and experience that each strain has to offer.

Coffeeshop Etiquette and Advice


Weed isn’t hard to come by in Amsterdam, but if you’re looking for robust, terpene-rich hybrids or bargain deals like you’re used to at shops in the States, keep in mind that things are a little different.

So, here are a few tips for exploring coffeeshops throughout the city.

Don’t smoke in public. Go to the coffeeshops.

The beauty of a place like Amsterdam is the number of welcoming, comfortable places to smoke a joint. No sense in pushing the boundaries of respect

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