LA Cannabis: 4/20 Events for Every Taste


As cannabis becomes more broadly accepted, so does its unofficial holiday of 4/20. The numeric code for toking up has a few rumored origin stories, such as being the police code for smoking marijuana. It was eventually traced back to a group of 1970s teenage smokers who called themselves “The Waldos”,  later popularized by High Times Magazine. It’s since become  a widely celebrated day for cannabis smokers everywhere to light up.

This year, April 20th also falls on the second night of Passover, which means there will be an abundance of “bitter herb” jokes from cool uncles at seders everywhere, and some very unorthodox 4/20 events. But no matter what kind of celebration you’re looking for, from spiritual sound baths to extravagant gilded joints, the beautifully diverse world of Los Angeles cannabis has got you covered.

For a Passover celebration that embraces both High Holidays and some comedy, there’s Puff Puff Passover: A 4/20 Seder at The Pack Theater. “An interactive, stoned Seder show for everyone to enjoy! Bring your yarmulke and your favorite unleavened munchies to share to this fun retelling of the Passover story when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt.” They are going to do a seder or Haggadah reading, “complete with actors reenacting the Passover story with some help from the audience. There’s even a prize for who finds the afikomen! This show is for everyone, Jews and non-Jews alike, and we support those who wish not to consume cannabis and would like to attend/participate.” The event begins at 11:59pm, so right before the day is done.

If you’re looking for a cannabis experience that’s a little more zen, you can also pay homage to the coinciding pink full moon. Pink Moon

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