Why Growing Your Own Cannabis Is the Best Resolution for 2019

Who grows the greatest cannabis on earth?

You do, or at least you can, and it’s not as hard as you might think. But if 2019 is going to be the year you pop your first seeds or root your first cuttings, now’s the time to start planning and preparing for a spring planting. You can get started by reading Leafly’s two primers—one for those growing indoors and one for those growing outdoors.

If, like most of us, you’re a hobbyist hoping to simply cover your yearly head stash, with plenty leftover to gift to friends, I’d definitely recommend starting outdoors, assuming you’ve got a suitable space to do so. Because depending on the climate where you live (including the legal climate), it’s pretty likely you can cultivate a few plants right next to your heirloom tomatoes or summer squash. Setting up indoors means figuring out everything from high-intensity lights to advanced hydroponics.

Remember, we only started growing cannabis in basements and attics to avoid the cops. So let’s leave all that high-tech equipment to the professionals (and those still living under oppressive laws), and nurture your first-ever cannabis garden in your backyard—or side yard, or up on the roof, or wherever you’ve got a little space to work. Immediately, that takes an awful lot of the effort and expense out of the equation. And more importantly, small-batch sun-grown cannabis—cultivated in soil with organic nutrients—truly is the plant’s highest expression.

But before we fully dig into how you will grow the greatest cannabis on earth in 2019, we need to start by asking why bother?

I mean, if you haven’t heard, you can buy this stuff at a store now. But there’s still five good reasons you should

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