The Beginner’s Guide to Legal Medical Marijuana in New York

Home of the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, the Baseball Hall of Fame and numerous Marvel Comics characters, New York is a state full of culture, nightlife, and tourism.

It’s a place where a tourist might presume that cannabis could be freely and openly consumed and purchased. But while the country is quickly changing, with more states moving toward recreational marijuana legalization, New York isn’t quite there yet.

So before you get baked to head out for a walking tour of all of Spider-Man’s most memorable hangouts (yes, of course, that would include the Mary Jane upside-down kiss), here’s what you need to know.

Where and How to Buy

Registered medical marijuana patients can purchase cannabis at dispensaries from any of the 10 Registered Organizations in the state. There are currently 40 dispensaries located or soon to be located in counties including New York, Monroe, Suffolk, Ulster, Onondaga, Westchester, Erie, Nassau, Orange, Queens, Clinton, Albany, Bronx, Broome, Kings, Dutchess, Richmond, Chemung, Saratoga, Rockland, and Oneida. Delivery services are offered in some areas, including Albany, Rochester, Queens, New York City, and Brooklyn. Patients or their registered caregiver can purchase cannabis for medical use only. They must have a medical marijuana registry identification card. Patients younger than 18 can register for an ID card with an application submitted by an adult 21 or older and designating at least one caregiver.

Photo via Gina Coleman/WM News

How to Consume

Health conditions that can make people eligible for medical marijuana use and purchase include a diagnosis of

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