Fortuna, the Friendly City, Weighs Welcoming Cannabis Businesses

WElcome sign Fortuna

Fortuna is exploring welcoming cannabis businesses. [Photo by Emily Hobelmann]

In the spirit of economic development for the City of Fortuna, Mayor Pro Tem and local business owner Tami Trent says it’s time to consider lifting the city’s moratorium on legal cannabis businesses. She is organizing a community meeting at the River Lodge sometime in the near future to gather input on such a prospective change.

In early May, Trent explained to us that the event at the River Lodge is basically going to be a publicized city council meeting, and the entire council will be in attendance. The meeting will have an educational component, with a range of cannabis professionals invited to talk shop with attendees.

Trent was initially on board with the city’s outright ban approach when legalization passed in 2016, but now, she says, “It’s been long enough. We need to take another look at this.” She says she has realized that cannabis is not all bad, after all, and there are cannabis businesses out there operating professionally.

“It’s important that people open their eyes and educate themselves,” she said. She said that it is necessary to learn more about the many facets of the industry and how they could fit in to Fortuna.

Trent was at the River Lodge back in February, perusing the Humboldt County Growers Alliance (HCGA) Seed to Sale Pre-Planting Planning Conference that was held on the 22nd.

Councilwoman Trent met a number of local cannabis business people at the event, and she was impressed. This industry foray led Trent to receive an invitation to tour the Humboldt Patient Resource Center (HPRC) in Arcata.

Soon after, when Trent and Fortuna City Manager Merritt Perry headed north to see the HPRC firsthand, she was even more intrigued.

Trent says

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