Snoop Dogg Is Right: Legal Weed Would Benefit From More Accurate Dosing Information

Even if you’ve never had a sip of alcohol in your life, you probably understand that not all booze is created equal.

A light beer will affect you differently than a strong Belgian tripel. Wine has even more of a kick. Shots are the quickest way to get where you’re going, but you might regret them in the morning.

Figuring out how much to drink takes time and experience, but at least there are some guideposts along the way. It really comes down to a combination of potency and dosing. Want to know how strong a drink is? Just check the label to find the alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage for your drink. A good afternoon beer will have less than 5 percent ABV; a nice after-work cocktail might be made with 40 percent ABV gin or whiskey. Dosing is more a matter of tradition. Beer comes in pints or bottles, wine by the glass, and stronger stuff in a shot glass.

With marijuana, it’s much the same thing. Thanks to legalization, it’s now much easier for recreational users to find out the potency of the weed they’re buying. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). the main psychoactive element in marijuana, is measured in milligrams (mg)—a good beginner dose is about 10mg, while 30mg will leave you with a sustained, strong high.

But vaping is growing in popularity among marijuana users, and it creates a conundrum. A vape pen loaded with THC-infused fluid is the equivalent of a whole bottle of whiskey. Sure, you could drink the whole thing, but you’ll probably have a better time if you understand how much to consume.

Snoop Dogg—yes, really—might be part of the answer.

The rapper known for his love of green is also a partner in Casa Verde Capital, a venture capital firm that backs marijuana-related businesses. Earlier this month,

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