Acupuncture May Benefit Both Caregivers and Patients with Cancer

I learned acupuncture is a covered benefit by my health insurance company and sought out services to help manage stress and wellness in my life as a new goal in 2019. The benefits of acupuncture are supported by research and I was reminded of such back in March while attending the first annual patient portion of the Miami Breast Cancer Conference sponsored by CURE®.

My tips and experience as a new acupuncture patient follow as a potential guide to getting beyond any fear of the procedure and potentially understanding the benefits of multiple sessions. My first goal was to find someone reputable and who would be affordable. I searched for individuals in Miami close to an area I frequent and then checked to ensure the person would be covered by my insurance. I am fortunate to say I have found a provider who I feel very comfortable with. The practice I selected is Classical Five Element Acupuncture. The first few sessions were used to help detox my body and record my experiences as a way to shape future sessions to be more specific to my physical needs.

I have tried to explain and asked how acupuncture works. I have been told it is about clearing energy in the body, but my scientific mind has sought more of an explanation than clearing blocked energy and restoring Chi. I have read that beta-endorphins are likely released to the areas of the body where acupuncture is being performed but more research is being done to further determine what might exactly be happening in the body. If this is the case, beta endorphins are the natural opiates in the body and while non-addictive, they may be part of what is helping to manage pain in the areas of the body being targeted

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