A Conversation With Jenny Lewis Entirely About Weed

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Jenny Lewis has a pretty simple explanation why she’s getting into the weed business. “You know when you’re brainstorming ideas of something you can make that’s really cool — but you also get some of the thing?” she says. “I’ve done a couple of natural wine collaborations where basically I just get seven cases of wine. So it made sense to do some doobs.”

Lewis has teamed up with California cannabis company Glass House Farms to sell a strain called Rabbit Hole, a low-THC Sour Diesel strain that she claims is perfect for the casual smoker. The origin of the strain “can be traced back to a Grateful Dead concert in 1991 where the seeds were first distributed,” a release reads. It is now available in five-packs of pre-rolled joints at some dispensaries in Los Angeles. (Lewis is also on tour through the end of the year.) We talked to Lewis about her history with the plant, and why she’s getting in the weed game.

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