List of Universities Creating Undergraduate and Graduate Programs to Form a Cannabis Industry Standard

To do anything really well, both knowledge and skill are required. When it comes to competitive industries, such as the cannabis industry, the more education one has, the more successful they can be. More importantly, the cannabis industry is surrounded with a lot of misinformation and considering it was illegal until recently, knowledge was hard to come by. With legalization, the doors have opened to information as well as newly developed educational programs.

Many are eager to learn and with cannabis having huge business potential, it is important for producers and companies to maintain a cutting edge. Universities have started creating both undergraduate and graduate programs to establish a standard for the cannabis industry. There are programs available across the US as well as online and so they are virtually accessible to everyone. The courses offered include business, regulations, extraction, horticulture, budtending certification, and a terpenes identification class.

The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

A new Master of Science (MS) program was launched in Medical Cannabis Science and Technology. The program is located at the Shady Grove campus in Rockville, MD. It is the first graduate program to cover scientific developments and medical applications of cannabis. It is being offered to physicians, nurses, researchers, and other health care professionals who already hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. The program lasts two years and is now accepting applications.

Clover Leaf University

This post-secondary institution is located in Denver, Colorado and their program centers around cannabis related phytotechnology and technical cannabis topics. Courses include cultivation, dispensary management, cannabis culinary, science and testing, extraction, and consulting – to name a few. The school is certified by the Colorado Department of Higher Education’s Private Occupational School Board and was established in 2009.

Oaksterdam University

This is the first cannabis college in America and is has approximately 40,000

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