A First Timer’s Guide to Legal Weed in Canada

If legalization is the push you were waiting for to give weed a try, you probably have a few questions about how to go about buying your first gram of lab-tested, legal product, and what to expect after you smoke it.

Since it’s often compared to liquor, you might be imagining the pot-buying experience as similar to a trip to the beer and wine store—but buying weed will be a little (read: a lot) more cumbersome than buying booze. You won’t be able to walk into the store and pick your favourite off the shelf. You won’t be permitted to take your kids inside with you, no matter their age. You can bet ID checks will be militant, and there definitely won’t be any sampling.

If your only experience with cannabis is standing around awkwardly while your friends partake, let this be a guide to both your inaugural purchase and your first time getting high.

Before you buy

Before you make your first purchase, try answering the following question: How do you want to feel after consuming? Uplifted or relaxed? Balanced or focused? Positively floating, or not the slightest bit intoxicated?

Cannabis jargon may seem intimidating, but knowing about the quantity and variety of cannabinoids and terpenes in a given strain will help you determine what you’re looking for. Together, these groups of chemical compounds create the different effects you experience from one variety of cannabis to the next. THC is the most common cannabinoid in cannabis, and is thought to be largely responsible for the “high” users experience. CBD is the slightly less common (but much-buzzed about) cannabinoid that can deliver some of the same therapeutic effects as THC, like relaxation and pain relief, without making you feel stoned.

Cannabinoids work in synergy with terpenes, the aromatic compounds in cannabis

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