Scoring 101 A beginner’s guide to buying drugs in Coeur d’Alene

The tiny brown-and-white chihuahua sat leashless in his owners lap at City Beach Thursday evening, in the gray patch of land beneath the trees where dirt meets sand. He kissed his owners sausage fingers and appreciated the extra attention as both dog and man relaxed in the shade, not 30 feet from a sign insisting on its rule that dogs remain leashed.

The man and chihuahua were both well past rules.

I can get $15 for the bigger doses, the dogs owner a short, tattooed, sturdy brick of a young man who calls himself Cin said beneath sunglasses he refused to remove. But with Oxy, if you do it right, its easier to get your hands on the smaller doses for $10. Hydros for a little less, but its the same thing: More money for less weight, if you sell enough.

Cin who refused to provide his last name but said hed lived in Coeur dAlene for eight years, moving with his family to the area before he attended Coeur dAlene High School is a loud-and-proud drug dealer.

As cities of every size, population and economic status across the country grapple with an epidemic, Coeur dAlene is in the middle of its own. Whatever direction our city explores surges in police presence, treatment, decriminalization or somewhere in between one reality cannot be ignored.

Buyers have no shortage of sellers.

I get all kinds, Cin said. Kids, old women, friends, strangers. Business people, whatever. They all want something to take the edge off, you know?

During one Thursday evening from 5:30 to 10:45 p.m., I reached out to three active participants in the local drug trade between City Park and City Hall, hoping to ask questions about this world I never experienced or understood. Two spoke to me; one never showed. I

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