Two CEOs Join Forces to Launch CBD-Infused Women’s Health Line, Equilibria

Co-Founders, Coco Meers and Marcy Capron Vermillion have officially developed and launched a CBD brand called Equilibria that focuses on women health, as per an announcement made on Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

Equilibria is described as a brand by women for women of all ages with both co-founders having experienced a fair share of inflammation and chronic pain. Upon the use of CBD, both have witnessed life-changing differences (both mentally and physically) which was never felt with pharmaceutical drugs.

This led the duo to come together to clarify to consumers that female bodies differ from one another, whether this is in regard to cyclical changes or something more drastic like childbirth. As per Coco Meers, this was an opportunity to go beyond distributing high quality products, adding that the brand is, “purpose-built to deliver maximum therapeutic benefits,” by offering a “clinical luxury service.”

As found on the official website, Equilibria services combines knowledge from cannabis educators and clinical cannabis pharmacists; not to forget the end result, which is said to “restore balance to the lives of women.”

For the most part, consumers are believed to commence their CBD journeys by either purchasing the Beginner Box ($49) consisting of a 14-day supply, the Balance Box ($110) consisting of a 30-day supply or the Brilliance Box ($160), which combines the Balance Box and a relief cream.

What makes said endeavor interesting is the clear instructions provided on how one should take the CBD essentials. Said information is delivered via their consultation services readily available to tend to each consumers’ body and health.

Moving forward, Meers and Vermillion are anticipating the launch of an array of women health CBD-infusions including the likes of vaginal suppositories, hormonal support pills, face serums and a bath line. Visit here to understand how Equilibria aids in establishing

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