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Anytime I ask somebody why they dislike weed, they normally tell me about that one time in college they took a fat bong rip and immediately entered panic mode. And that’s when I respond with, “Well, there you go. You smoked way too much.” When it comes to ingesting cannabis in any shape or form, there is a magic number in terms of hits and quantities, especially for beginners. Something to keep in mind: You can always smoke more, but you can’t reverse a high. So always, always start with microdoses and keep building from there.

If you’re not a regular cannabis user, stay away from edibles and “advanced” smoking methods like dabbing (torching concentrates), smoking out of bongs, etc., at least until you understand the rate your body metabolizes THC. We each have a unique biochemistry and the high is never a one-size-fits-all deal, which means it’ll take some experimenting to figure out how weed affects you. You may even come to realize that marijuana is just not your thing, and that’s totally OK! But consider the many incredible benefits weed has to offer — full-body relaxation, anti-anxiety (if done right) results, pain reduction, and more — before completely ruling it out.

Whether you’re smoking a joint or taking a hit from a pipe, begin with one small puff only. Many people, including myself, don’t experience a high at all for their very first time; in which case, just try again another day. Wait it out for about 20 minutes to an hour (you should feel the effects almost instantly) and evaluate whether you’re ready for puff number two. The high could very well hit you later,

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