CBD Glossary: 9 CBD Terms and Their Meanings

If you believe every advertisement you read, CBD can do everything from chilling you out, to soothing your skin, to revving your engines (see that lube again), and with the CBD industry as a whole on track to hit an estimated $22 billion dollar business in the next few years, it would seem that most people not only do rely on marketing, but that advertising works. But what exactly is CBD?

According to the scientists beginning to dive into CBD research, it’s not what the advertising and marketing claims of most CBD products, most of which do not match any existing research (which is still very preliminary—though promising) would have you believe. Even the FDA is still looking into establishing guidance on the safety and/or efficacy of CBD products but has not shared any information as of yet, leaving the marketplace a wild west of claims and assurances with little foundation. Just because CBD might not be able to live up to every company’s current claim (and frankly, what could), doesn’t mean to write it off or stop watching the space. And many of the oils, gummies, vapes, and chocolates currently on the market can be tantalising. Here, we break down a few common terms to help parse what you are actually buying.


noun, kan-eh-buh-die-el

This compound, known as CBD, is derived from the cannabis plant. CBD has been shown to help shield the body from oxidative stress (which can cause cell damage and disease). Anecdotally, some claim it’s anti-inflammatory and can help relieve anxiety and pain. But CBD is not regulated by the FDA, except for one prescription medication to treat

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