This article is sponsored by Super Closet. Super Closet is the world’s leading manufacturer of automated SuperPonics grow systems and grow boxes. For a plant that’s so widely cultivated and consumed, cannabis can be a tricky to coax into full bloom, especially when growing at home. Myriad factors influence the final product: lighting, temperature, air […]

English toffee is one candy treat I absolutely enjoy during any season. It can be crafted and wrapped for a beautiful gift or set out by itself on place settings at a dinner party. This melt in your mouth candy confection is generally loved by all and is sought out in most popular candy shops. […]

On July 19th, two teens from Hollister, California overdosed on a marijuana-infused cookie. Police said that a 14-year old and a 15-year old were having a hard time breathing and felt sick. Both confessed to purchasing a cookie from another 16-year old. The cookie “dealer” was arrested with the sale of edibles. Amongst users, edibles […]

For the first-time grower, it can be a truly daunting task to select the best nutrients for their cannabis, and they’ll often spend far more money than they need to. With so many options to choose from that range from hydroponic to organic nutrients, new growers can quickly get overwhelmed. But with a little bit […]

Kush Tourism’s Seattle-flavored excursions through the cannabis industry are a super-friendly educational adventure and shopping experience. Kush Tours attract couples, solo-travelers, and wishful industry professionals, but tours are great for anyone ready to learn about the cannabis industry and have a little fun. “I’ve made ukuleles and been a farmer, but I’ve fallen in love […]

Beginning in 1996 with California’s Proposition 215, the opportunity for patients to grow their own marijuana became a reality in America. Today, there are 27 states with medical marijuana laws (including Washington, D.C.), 16 states with CBD-only cannabis laws, and four states with recreational laws making it legal for adults (21+ years of age) to […]

A new, stunningly attractive book on cultivation details the straightforward techniques that can produce an astounding three pounds of indoor cannabis per light. Sometimes an idea comes along that so completely challenges the status quo it momentarily blows your mind. The groundbreaking book “Three A Light” does just that with its extreme approach to pruning […]

Yogi D has a solution to the nation’s “stress epidemic”: a weed-and-yoga retreat in Aspen from September 30 through October 2 called the 420 Yoga Retreat. A 25-year yoga veteran who was dubbed “America’s relaxation expert” by CNN, Yogi D has just recently come out of the dark as a cannabis user. All stereotypes of the “lazy stoner” […]

The term “dab” comes from the motion of touching concentrate to a hot surface or touching a hot surface to concentrate, then inhaling the vapors. A dab is always a cannabis concentrate – a form of marijuana that has been processed so that much of the plant material has been removed, leaving a substance that will […]

Federal lobbyists, including some who will attend the Liberal and Conservative caucus retreats, are focusing this summer on the upcoming marijuana legalization law and the Health Accord, defence procurement, infrastructure investments, pre-budget consultations, and various departmental consultations. Louis-Alexandre Lanthier, a lobbyist with Summa Strategies Canada and a former staffer to Liberal MP Justin Trudeau (Papineau, Que.) […]

We had lots of gorgeous entries in the Indica Flower Category at the 2016 NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup. Here’s which ones made it into our Top 10. HIGH TIMES would like to thank our partner lab—Steep Hill Lab in Berkeley, CA—for providing excellent lab testing and data for our Cannabis Cup competition in Michigan, as well as our premier sponsors—Gold […]